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Master of Arts in Practical Theology 

Pastoral Leadership Development Concentration 


By expanding the leader’s breadth of Scripture, the Masters of Arts in Practical Theology will take the student through enhanced hermeneutical skills and an appreciation of historical theology, and by augmenting the leader’s understanding of theology for ministry and life in an academic environment is challenging yet richly rewarding. The advanced study of Scripture provides the means for a better understanding of the triune God and His Kingdom, a deeper appreciation for and understanding of Pentecostalism, personal transformation, and for exploring the nature of ministry.

Courses Include: Theological Thinking, Research and Writing, Introduction to Hermeneutics, Spiritual Formation, Pentecostal Foundations for Theology & Ministry, Unity of the Bible, Leadership Discovery: The Call of God, Old Testament Theology, Leadership Development: Spiritual Formation, New Testament Theology, Leadership Declaration: Contribution and Convergence, Bible Centered Leadership, Biblical Leadership Models, Leadership Deployment: Team Leadership, Leadership & Organizational Culture, and Internship /Practical Ministry Project.

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